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The Zap Gun
Publication Date
Vintage Books (trade paperback)

Plot Summary[]

Scaldingly sarcastic yet enduringly empathetic, The Zap Gun is Dick’s remarkable novel depicting the insanity of the arms race. Lars Powderdry and Lilo Topchev are counterpart weapons fashion designers for a world divided into two factions–Wes-bloc and Peep-East. Since the Plowshare Protocols of 2002, their job has been to invent elaborate weapons that only seem massively lethal. But when alien satellites hostile to both sides appear in the sky, the two are brought together in the dire hope that they can create a weapon to save the world, a task made all the more difficult by Lars falling in love with Lilo even as he knows she’s trying to kill him.


"Although the title brings to mind intergalactic weaponry and mind-blowing space battles, the story (like many others by the author) is based more on the psychological traumas of its main character, Lars Powderdry." Read more...

–Review by Jason Koornick,, 2000.

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