Galactic Pot-Healer
Publication Date
Trade paperback published by Vintage

Plot SummaryEdit

What could an omnipresent and seemingly omnipotent entity want with a humble pot-healer? Or with the dozens of other odd creatures it has lured to Plowman's Planet? And if the Glimmung is a god, are its ends positive or malign? Combining quixotic adventure, spine-chilling horror, and deliriously paranoid theology, Galactic Pot-Healer is a uniquely Dickian voyage to alternate worlds of the imagination.


"One of the strongest themes of this novel is the exploration of the notion of collective consciousness. As the characters discover the feeling of power and transcendence beyond their own limited existence, Dick outlines an important theme of the novel and his fiction in general - the collective power of the human mind and our inherent nature as social beings."

–Review by Jason Koornick,, 1999.

"In a conversational manner the book tosses philosophical ideas and dialogue into the pot, adds a touch of comic interludes and esoteric puns, stirs vigorously and assembles a dish that is invigoratingly different, energetic to a fault, and of course the pure product of Phil Dick's unique vision. But behind that veil of blipples and Kalends, burfles and Glimmungs, the novel, like most of PKD's body of work, is simply about a small man who struggles to find meaning to his life."

–Review by JT Lindroos, Infinity Plus (British Sci-Fi Web Site) November 2001.

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